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New premium Coolhull Farm range is launched

Posted on February 24, 2016 · Posted in Paganini Blog

Irish dairy and bakery, Paganini, has launched the new Coolhull Farm range.  Tomas Murphy began making ice-cream on his family dairy farm in Wexford in 1990.  More than 25 years later and all the milk for the ice-cream, cheesecakes and dairy desserts is proudly sourced from the family farm in Coolhull.  The Coolhull Farm range is a tribute to Paganini’s origins and it showcases Coolhull’s nutrient rich grass-fed milk and Paganini’s baking expertise in new and innovative ways.


“We are really delighted to announce our new premium range, Coolhull Farm, which has come about due to a number of conversations with our customers” commented, Barry Murphy, Managing Director, Paganini. “Some of the best innovations involve doing similar things a little differently and that is what we are doing with the Coolhull Farm range. We’ve brought everything that is great about Paganini together, added a little bit of extra luxury and presented these wonderful Irish desserts innovatively.  For example the new Coolhull Farm Apple pie cheesecake brings together Armagh Bramley Apples (which have achieved protected status) grown by Andrew Glass in Armagh and Coolhull Farm cream cheese with spectacular results.  The Bramley apples are baked and caramelised in a shortcrust pastry base and topped with a layer of Coolhull vanilla cheesecake.  This delicious dessert is a completely new take on the traditional favourite of apple pie with ice-cream or cream and it will be appearing on menus very soon.”


Murphy also commented that “Customers have become a lot more interested in hearing about how we make our desserts, what ingredients are being used and where they originate from. This really is a neat fit for us as so much of what we do starts with the milk from the Murphy family farm in Coolhull.  We collect the milk from Coolhull on a daily basis and use it to make among other things all of our own cream cheese.  We now also bake all of our own biscuits for the bases of our cheesecakes, resulting in a more wholesome crunchy biscuit base that sets off the cheesecakes.  Customers can see and taste for themselves that we really do use the finest of ingredients.”


One of the new products in the Coolhull range plays on the fact that Paganini’s cream cheese is so flavoursome that it needs very little enhancement., The Coolhull Farm Natural Yogurt Cheesecake, is a light natural yogurt cheesecake on a whole-meal biscuit base with oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and cranberries.  This cheesecake celebrates Paganini’s approach to bringing the best quality ingredients together for maximum impact.


The new range also includes a selection of 2-in1 cheesecakes that are purposefully high to give an added WOW effect.  For example the Coolhull Farm 2-in-1 Brownie Cheesecake is a tall white chocolate cheesecake on a Belgian chocolate brownie finished with dark chocolate shavings.  These two fabulous desserts complement each other perfectly resulting in a beautifully balanced dessert.


Paganini’s Coolhull Farm range is being launched at IFEX in The Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast running from the 8th to 10th of March.  Make sure to visit Paganini on stand E38 to taste the new range for yourself and to meet Barry Murphy and the team.